Trucking Checklist For Operating Authority


Shannon Morris is an independent owner/operator of Happy Flats, Inc.  She offers a service to help you understand the differences in becoming an owner operator and why being leased to one carrier may not be a good choice. This is especially true for student truck drivers who have very little experience understanding lease owner operator contracts and how they are designed to benefit mostly the carrier.

Shannon has been an owner operator since 2000, she pulls a flatbed trailer. She has assisted numerous drivers who desire to have their own authority.  She has also trained several drivers to pull flatbed trailers and on how to deal with the various situations that might occur with this equipment. In addition, she helps drivers learn the paperwork side of running their own business.

Shannon has taken the time to create the following authority checklist for fellow drivers to help them understand what steps are required to obtain their own authority and create their own company.

This authority checklist breaks down what is required to be filed annually and quarterly.  We hope it will be helpful for you!

If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact Shannon directly at (352) 988-0252 or via email at , she is also available to help you set up your authority and other related paperwork to start your business. Please call her to get an estimate of her fees.


 Initial Setup

_____ Authority $300.00 one-time fee, takes about 2-3 weeks

_____ Process Agent $35.00 one-time fee (if you use an agent, that is a flat rate)

_____ UCR (Unified Carrier Registration) – This depends on number of trucks

_____ **Kentucky# (KYU#) Free to Obtain

_____ **New York HUT Sticker – $15.00 for the certificate due every 2-3 years

_____ **New Mexico Weight Distance Tax Number – $4.00 per vehicle

_____ TAG – Dept. of Motor Vehicles – varies depending on states

_____ IFTA license – Fee depends on state

_____ 2290 – IRS Highway Use Tax – IRS Office to pay or online $550.00 per truck _____ US DOT# – Free but must register for one.

_____ **Incorporation or LLC – Fee depends on state (Optional)

Quarterly Reports

_____ IFTA

_____ KYU#

_____ NMW.D.T.#

_____ NY Hut

Annual Reports

_____ Tag

_____ IFTA Stickers

_____ 2290 Highway Use Tax

_____ UCR

_____ Renewal of Corporation

 ** The asterisk indicates that these are optional. Only need to be obtained if you plan on running through those states. KYU # is mandatory but NY and NM can be obtained on a per trip basis. The Corporation is not required just depends on tax status.