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IMG_6355We are women truckers that promote safety by educating the public about unsafe truck driver training and creating a network of support for women entering trucking. By creating a reliable resource that promotes transparency we are able to mentor qualified women who wish to become commercial drivers and connect them to quality employers and services that will benefit them. Advocacy for industry improvements benefits drivers of any gender. Membership , sponsorship and donations support this driver organization.

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To deliver highway safety through leadership, mentorship, education,and advocacy.


REAL Women in Trucking, Inc. encourages all drivers to unite and become advocates for the industry in order to improve the work and lifestyle environment.

“REAL Women in Trucking, Inc.” was formed in 2010 as a protest group that women truck drivers seeking improved conditions were not being effectively addressed by the industry. This grassroots driver led organization was granted 501 (c) 6 trade association status in June 2013. This movement has been privately funded to raise awareness of issues that have not been intelligently addressed for the women of trucking and women entering trucking as CDL students. Participation is voluntary and open to those who have a “desire” to help others.

For Drivers, By Drivers

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platinumGuideStar is a philanthropic database tool to research tax-exempt organizations on transparency, programs and impact. REAL Women in Trucking, Inc. is proud to have been granted a Platinum Level Participation Badge in 2016. We welcome you to read about our work in the “Programs Section” section.

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