Lady Truck Driver Cruise

The 1st Annual Lady Truck Driver Cruise was a GREAT Success!

The “Queen of the Road on the High Seas” event was held March 26, 2017 to April 1, 2017.

It included learning workshops, a driver advocacy forum and a dignified award ceremony to recognize women who work as truck drivers.

Future Events:

Great American Truck Show August 25-26, 2017

Phoenix Raceway Camp Out November 2017

Carnival Dream Lady Trucker Cruise May 2018 

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Speakers from previous cruise events: 

eeocJan Shelly , Senior Trial Attorney from the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission who was part of the legal team that won the $3.1 Million dollar settlement against New Prime, Inc for their discriminatory training policy. Jan delivered a workshop during the cruise and she was also a guest on the Women Truckers Network Blog Talk Radio program with the others from the New Prime, Inc. Plaintiff’s legal team. You can listen to the replay of that show with this link. “Discrimination is NOT the Solution to Sex Harassment in Trucking

Allen Donna Smith

Allen & Donna Smith

Allen Smith the original CDL student advocate is known for his extreme passion and conviction to warn new truck driver students about the scams involved in trucking CDL Schools and starter companies. His 2000 book “The Truth About Trucking” revealed the questionable tactics of student truck driver industry that still exist today; the unlivable low wages, the commercial drivers license mills (CDL Mills), false advertising in truck driver recruiting, the one-sided truck lease scams, and more. Allen and Donna Smith hosted the Welcome mixer on the cruise. They are well known by drivers from tne “Ask the Trucker” blog talk radio program and Trucking Social Media.

Allen Smith who was formerly in law enforcement and has taught Traditional Tae Kwon Do both publicly and privately since receiving his first black belt in 1979. Allen taught a “Women’s Basic Self Defense” course for attendees of the cruise that included the following:

* Self Defense Theory of Simplicity
* Recognizing the 5 Stages of Imminent Violence
* The 5 Most Common Places For Attacks On Women
* The 5 Most Common Street Attacks on Women
* Soft Target Focus : Proven Self Defense Techniques : (Group Participation)
* Improvised Weapons
* Self Defense Legalities

Shannon Morris professional truck driver and owner of Happy Flats, Inc. Shannon appeared in the “l in 100 million” presentation by Kronos to talk about her job. Watch her video HERE> “Truck Driver Shannon 1 in 100 Million

Shannon gave a workshop on the cruise to help company drivers understand the process of becoming a owner-operator.

Christine Gray

Christine Gray gave a speaker presentation focused on how women behind the wheel stay safe. Using Women’s intuition, awareness and common sense.

Anne Balay

Anne Balay

Anne Balay, published writer, and former truck driver and who wrote the op-ed piece in the New York Time’s titled “Long-Haul Sweatshops” with Mona Shattell gave an informal lecture about lesbians and T-girls who drive 18-wheelers.  You can watch her informative 3 part presentation on our you tube channel starting with this link: 

Anne Balay – Part One Bold and Brave: Lesbians and TGirls Who Drive Big Rigs