REAL Women in Trucking, Inc is a 501 (c) 6 trade association that was formed by seasoned female commercial motor vehicle drivers. This grassroots, driver led organization provides information and resources for fellow drivers, prospective CDL students, trucking executives and the non-trucking community who remain ill-informed on how truck drivers are prepared for the open highway.

Poor CDL Training poses a safety risk to the public, the truck driver trainers and the CDL students seeking a chance for a new job. There is little accountability for the turnover rate that consistently stands between 98% and 100% or the unsafe practices that can include violence between trainers, students and/or co-drivers at troublesome carriers.

The information we share on this website and in our social media networks, aims to help newcomers to the industry see beyond the inflated claims of the “Truck Driver Shortage” and realize that high turnover in entry-level truck driver training is occurring because of a broken system. Exploitation of disenfranchised , uninformed new entrants to truck driver training happens to thousands of people each year. Women are at a particular risk because they are often misled into trucking with unrealistic expectations. The result of this can be sexual misconduct, violence, retaliation and leaving the industry in less than 1 year with a useless CDL and unpaid tuition debt. Our purpose is to educate new CDL entrants, network appropriate CDL training programs and finishing school carriers to pave a path to success.

We are available to provide information to the media, interested public and human resource managers about unsafe truck driver training practices that are not being addressed in any intelligent manner.

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We define our membership categories as seasoned female drivers and entry level candidates in order to create measurable data on women who work as professional drivers. Remember , you don’t have to be a truck driver to become a Mission Support member. Our mission support members help us achieve our outreach goals. We are working people supporting this grassroots movement and we rely on those who believe in our cause.

We encourage ethical corporate business practices and improved industry standards.

The intent of “REAL Women in Trucking” design logo is brand our group as diverse. The original artwork was created by political cartoonist/artist, advocate, Alex Raffi of Creative Courage Compressed Original RWIT Logo in JPG

The purpose of the artwork was to illuminate the truth about women truckers. They come in all shapes, sizes, ethnic groups and ages. Many women truckers are grandmothers who are no longer tied to the home.

There are of both genders Gay Truckers, Intersexed Truckers, Vegetarian Truckers, Cowboy Truckers, Christian Truckers, Pagan Truckers, and Hare Krishna Truckers, Politically Active Truckers, Computer Geek Truckers, and yes it is true that some simply should NOT be out on the road for reasons of highway safety and personal safety toward others.

Our purpose is to promote personal responsibility among drivers to create a recognizable shift toward qualified professionals who are entering the industry with very little understanding of what they have gotten themselves into. This is not just an organization, this is a movement! We hope you will join us.

Are you ready to GET REAL?

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For more information, Contact: Desiree Wood (561) 232-9170