Wage Theft of Truck Drivers

If you are on twitter you may have seen the campaigns to educate the public on wage theft on behalf of underpaid workers. It is happening internationally and most truck drivers are not even aware of the push-back that is going on against employers who missclassify workers, commit fraud and wage theft.

Here are a couple of tags you can follow to learn more about some of the industries that are mobilizing a movement against employers who are committing wage theft. @Fightfor15 , @GoodJobsNation , @PortDriverUnion

But what about trucking? As many of you know, most truck drivers are exempt from the “Fair Labor Standards Act” (FLSA) but some states have made steps to modernize the way truck drivers are paid in order to protect workers from unfair pay practices. You do not need to be part of a union for these protections but often the drivers are not aware they rights and those rights are being violated.

Despite progress in states like California, Oregon and Washington who have made strides to protect truck drivers from unpaid time working and unpaid meal and rest breaks, there are still numerous companies who are taking advantage of truck drivers that do not know they are entitled to wages that are unpaid.

For Instance:

Washington State based truck drivers there is now a Facebook page called “Washington Truck Driver Rights” and it has been created by the law firm of India Bodien, of Tacoma, Washington to keep truck drivers aware of significant cases and to sign up clients who are Washington based line haul drivers for companies like Wal-Mart,  YRC and others. 

The firm is also seeking clients from CR England and all of the other companies that pay by the mile or percentage of the load. If you are a truck driver based in Washington State you should find out if you are owed money. You can fill out a contact form with this link: Washington State Truck Driver Rights


Many of you drivers are aware that numerous national carriers have lease truck programs that have misled individuals into owner-operators lease programs in their home states. For Instance: Covenant Transport and US Express in Tennessee; Swift Transportation and Knight Transportation in Arizona and there are several others. If you or someone you know is, or has been an owner operator in those states AND were told in writing that you would make $40, 000.00 to $45, 000.00 or more per year, but found that you were making more like $17,000 to $20,000 after paying for fuel, insurance, maintenance, escrow etc. I encourage you to contact the law firm of Ackermann and Tilajef.

Unpaid rest breaks for truck drivers based in Washington State defy states’ rights to modernize the way truck drivers have been unfairly paid in the past. Help your fellow drivers by making them aware that law firms like that of India Bodien, in Tacoma, Washington may be able to assist them in getting paid what they are owed. Use this link to send a contact request if you are a Washington based truck driver to find out:  Washington State Truck Driver Rights 

There are so many deceptive trade practices in trucking; companies who owe for back wages, miss-classifying workers,  fraud and false advertising. Help us get the word out to drivers in the other states where the mega-fleets have their headquarters based so we can get a movement to stop wage theft against truck drivers in all of its forms.

How can you help?

You help by educating your fellow drivers that there are law firms that will fight for their rights.

You help by following other industry fair wage social media movements where you can read up on news on employer wage theft to learn how widespread the problem has become.

You help by sharing social media posts from the REAL Women in Trucking, Inc. and “Ask the Trucker” related modernizing truck driver wages and class action lawsuits against major fleets like Wal-Mart, YRC, CR England, Covenant Transport, Gordon Trucking and so many others.

Let’s start working together to fight wage theft in all of its forms in trucking.


This article was written by: RealWomenTruckers

To deliver highway safety through leadership, mentorship, education , and advocacy.