A Trucker in Twittamentary ~ A Documentary about Twitter!

Twittamentary, the documentary about Twitter that @TruckerDesiree and @TruckinDogKarma  participated in, has now been released and can be seen online. The theme of the film is how twitter is connecting strangers around the world and changing the way we communicate, collaborate, advocate or just become friends with kindred spirits we may never meet in person.

Twittamentary was directed by Tan Siok Siok of Singapore.

Twittamentary was viewed at Twitter Headquarters on May 22, 2012. In June 19, 2012 a premiere was held at the AMC cinema in Manhattan, New York. The revenues from the first month for the film were donated to 3 charities aligned to the themes in the movie.

The 3 charities were:
– Invisible People (Homeless Advocacy)
– RAINN (Women’s Rights)
– Shelter Exchange (Animal Welfare)

There is an appearance in Twittamentary from President of REAL Women in Trucking, Inc. Desiree Wood @TruckerDesiree and her rescue dog, @TruckinDogKarma. You can watch it here and read Desiree’s remarks about the project below.

The inclusion of a trucker in twittamentary , a documentary about twitter is significant on many levels and we hope more drivers begin to see the value of using this free social media tool to speak out on the issues that affect them. Desiree wrote about her participation in the film:

“It was my first Skype experience. I had just delivered a load to the Wal-Mart Distribution center in Ottawa, Kansas and was awaiting a load assignment in the cab of my truck when I took my first ever video call from the other side of the world.

That alone was amazing for an “over the road” truck driver who lives a mostly isolated life. That I was able to communicate outside of the cab of the truck, face to face, just using my computer screen and let them see my world was awesome. I was in a town with minimal big truck facilities, I had no opportunity to shower beforehand and was basically waiting for a load dispatch from Wal-Mart while I was speaking face to face with a filmmaker who was on the other side of the world. Siok Siok told me that she had heard about me from an American professor in China that followed my tweets on twitter.

This was at a time when I was struggling to have my own industry hear my words about unsafe truck driver training and personal safety issues for women entering trucking. My voice had been carried around the world.

Since 2008, I have used twitter to speak out on my personal truck driver training story and the issues other CDL students were having but I also have used twitter to speak about my personal rape story which was a 20 year cold case that was solved in 2008. As my I built my twitter presence I became active in sharing the tweets of others for many social justice issues including human trafficking and animal rescue. I followed the lead of other social justice rock-stars I met on twitter who inspired me to use my free time for something productive like helping others in any way I could. Being on the road, that meant “RT” (ReTweet) .

There is no doubt that Twitter changed my life and most definitely the life of a white junkyard dog who wandered on the terminal grounds where I parked my truck in Texas begging for food, now known as @TruckinDogKarma on Twitter and “Twitterella” to those who followed my tweets the day I talked about the scraggly dog that had been captured by animal control but had somehow escaped from them only to return to our truck terminal several weeks later.

My presence in social media took me from obscurity in less than one year to national television with Dan Rather sitting in the jump seat of my truck, participation in a workplace bullying documentary and a number of magazine articles on the topic of entry-level driver training issues for women. For me to be one little ant under the foot of the world and have my voice heard around the world was the most amazing gift.

In this journey I found many Women who entered trucking originated from a past life that included Rape, Molestation and/or Domestic Violence from either a spouse or parent. Many were in search of the same freedom I was after but often found obstacles, control freaks and predators in truck driver training carriers intent to derail their success.

The isolation of OTR trucking made exposing these issues difficult but Twitter made it possible and I found that public discussion empowered others to speak up on issues that were affecting them that had kept them serving in silence as a matter of practice in an industry resistant to transparency.

I cannot express how alone I felt during the time I was trying to get my voice heard using Twitter. I am very proud to be able to say I was included in Twittamentary and hope you will enjoy the film

There is so much more to share about how my life and Karma’s life have changed just from being involved in the Twitter community. We are very grateful and we hope you enjoy the film.


This article was written by: TruckerDesiree

Desiree Wood is a divorced Mother of 2 grown Children and has 6 Grandchildren. She began writing about her experiences as a single female entering trucking in 2008 on the “Ask the Trucker” blog, called “A Day in the Life of a Lady Trucker“. It became the basis of four Dan Rather Investigative reports into truck driver training. She has been quoted in the “Wall Street Journal”, appears in a Workplace Bullying Documentary segment about the trucking industry , and she and her Dog @TruckinDogKarma are featured in the Documentary about Twitter called “Twittamentary“. She is active in social media networks ,known as @TruckerDesiree